Downloadable Files


Public Service Honor Roll (PowerPoint) By N6HD
Personal Emergency Preparation (PowerPoint) By N6VI
Power Budgeting (Excel worksheet) By N6VI


Tactical Callsigns (Word) By N6VI
Hambands (pdf) Courtesy KA6GSE
Phonetic Alphabet (pdf) Courtesy NY2B
Review of Basic Net Ops (Word) from ARRL Emcomm course



ARES Deployment forms


Traffic Handling

ARRL's Introduction to the National Traffic Service (PowerPoint)
Traffic Handling (PowerPoint) By N6VI
ARRL Radiogram Manual (pdf)
Sending Messages on Voice (pdf)

VHF/UHF Net Control Script (pdf)


N6VI's Coax Connector Installation (PowerPoint)
NA6MA's Honda EU 2000 Generator Maintenance (Word)
KF6YHE's 2 Meter and 440 PVC Antennas (Excel)
Full materials list and measured drawings for construction.

Usage Permission

Permission to use the above files and presentations is granted provided that: 1) they are left intact and unmodified; 2) proper credit to ARESLAX is given; and 3) no charge or compensation is involved in using the presentations.

Note that many of the documents are an adjunct to live presentations which make heavy use of instructor commentary. The documents alone do not contain all the information provided in the live presentations.