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Can your home station operate
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Mode: HF 6 Meter 2 Meter 220 MHz 440 MHz Others

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Please mark any of the training courses you have completed:
ARRL Emergency Communications: Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

FEMA: IS-100 IS-200 IS-700 ICS-800-B ICS-800-Other

Red Cross: CPR First Aid Mass Care

L.A. Fire Department: CERT Level 1 CERT Refresher

How familiar are you with standard radiogram traffic-handling procedures?

Other relevant training (list):

What training would you like to see in a group/class setting?

Do you have any special skills (technical, medical etc.) or resources
(test gear, fabrication, printing etc.) that may be helpful to our organization?

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What are your main goals for your involvement with ARES?