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... to the ARRL Los Angeles Section website. Here you'll find out what's happening in our Section, including links to the many volunteer opportunities, contact information for those in charge, and the latest news affecting amateur radio in the greater Los Angeles area.

ARRL Los Angeles Section

The Los Angeles Section is one of ARRL's 71 geographically arranged areas within the United States and works under the auspices of the ARRL Field Organization. While some sections encompass an entire state (Arizona for example), California is broken up into 9 adminstrative sections. The LA Section is made up of all of Los Angeles County.

The Los Angeles Section is headed up by our Section Manager, Diana Feinberg, AI6DF. The Section Manager is the only elected position in the section and has the authority to appoint his staff as he sees fit. Generally, people are recommended or volunteer to serve on her staff and will remain in those positions until they resign, are replaced, or a new Section Manager is elected. The Section Manager's term lasts 2-years.

The section is the heartbeat of the ARRL. This is where the real work is accomplished. If you have technical questions, antenna issues, interference complaints, are looking for a local club, want to volunteer for disaster communications, or have a desire to participate in the ARRL on a local level, this is where you come.