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Northwest District

First Saturday of every month 0800 hrs
Valley Presbyterian Hospital
15107 Vanowen St (just east of Sepulveda)
Van Nuys

South District

Third Saturday of every month
1300 hrs
College Medical Center
2776 Pacific Avenue
Long Beach, CA
For more info call 562.355.2932

Northeast District

Second Saturday of every month
0900 hrs
Huntington Memorial Hospital
100 W. California Blvd.
Pasadena, CA
Meeting is in the Wingate Building
Park off campus (Structure parking is no longer free)
Meeting is open to all visitors and members


Sectionwide Sunday Morning 75m Net

0845 - 0900 hrs
3.860 MHz or 7.280 MHz

Northwest District

Every Monday -  2100 hrs - Weekly Net
DARN Repeater Network

Northeast District

Every Thursday - 2000 hrs
DARN Repeater Network

High Desert District

Every Tuesday - 2000 hrs
On Hauser Repeater on every Tuesday except the last Tuesday of the month.
146.730 - PL/100.0
On the last Tuesday of the month we meet on the DARN Repeater Network
Note: We also have a Simplex Net every 1 st. Tuesday on a random ARES freq selected
right after the Main Net

South District

Every Wednesday - 1900 hrs
DARN Repeater Network
Plus a simplex net on 144.45 Mz every 2nd Wednesday after the main net

In addition, these nets are of particular interest to Long Beach area operators:
Every Tuesday
1830 hrs  K6CHE 146.145 +/PL 156.7
Every Thursday
1815 hrs  K6CHE 1282.20 -/PL 156.7 
1830 hrs  K6CHE  449.780 -/PL 131.8
1845 hrs  K6CHE  223.800 -/PL 156.7
1915 hrs  Simplex 2 meters  145.510

All times local