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Los Angeles ARES is fortunate to have access to the Disaster Amateur Radio Network (DARN) through the generosity of its owner, Dick McKay, K6VGP. DARN is our primary linked repeater system, accessible via any of the following frequencies:

147.360 - PL/100.0  Mt Disappointment (DARN 2m)
446.740 - PL/100.0  Palos Verdes (DARN 1)
446.240 - PL/100.0  Mt Disappointment (DARN 2)
446.940 - PL/100.0  Mt Wilson (DARN 3)
445.280 - PL/100.0  Verdugo Peak (DARN 4)
445.820 - PL/100.0  Saddle Peak (DARN 5)
445.260 - PL/100.0 Palos Verdes High (DARN 6)
445.260 - PL/114.8 Verdugo Pk Not Linked (DARN 8)
1286.900 - PL/100.0  Palos Verdes (DARN 11)
1286.700 - PL/100.0 Mt Disappointment (DARN 12)
1286.600 - PL/100.0 Verdugo Peak (DARN 14)
1287.200 - PL/100.0 Saddle Peak (DARN 15)
Echolink: K6VGP-R   Node: 8722

DARN Transmitting Instruction

When you key your mike, there is a brief delay before the repeater transmitter comes up. This often results in the first syllable or two being cut off of your transmission if you talk immediately. To avoid this, key up and wait an instant before you speak. You'll sound more professional and the net will proceed more smoothly. Remember: KEY - WAIT - SPEAK.