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Diana Feinberg

Section Manager

Diana Feinberg, AI6DF



Bill Bradley

Education Coordinator

Bill Bradley, WD6FON

Bill coordinates educational matters for the Section, in addition to conducting classes and giving exams for all classes of licenses.

Bill Bradley

Assistant Section Manager, DX and Contesting:

John Schroeder, N6QQ


John Schroeder

State Government Liaison

Mel Hughes, K6SY

As SGL, Mel collects and promulgates information on state legislation and regulation affecting Amateur Radio and works closely with Clubs and the Section Manager in assuring that the laws work to the mutual benefit of society and the Amateur Radio Service.


Section Traffic Manager

Kate Hutton, K6HTN

Kate's responsibilities are to supervise traffic handling organization at the section level--that is, to coordinate all traffic efforts within the section, regardless of mode or National Traffic System affiliation, so that routings within the section and connections with other networks and digital traffic nodes will result in orderly and efficient traffic flow.

Gary Lopez

Technical Coordinator

Gary Lopes, WA6MEM

The TC coordinates all technical activities within the section, including promoting technical advances and experimentation, advising clubs, and assisting local technical program committees in arranging suitable programs for ARRL hamfests and conventions. Bill also is editor of the Southern California DX Club Bulletin and an officer in other area ham organizations.