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Click here for N6VI's PowerPoint presentation on message traffic handling.

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At our ARES meetings, on our nets, during exercises, and on Field Day, we have trained in and used the ARRL Radiogram format to send traffic.  If you would like to fine tune your procedures or get the definitive answer to any questions you have concerning how to write or transmit a Radiogram, you are invited to view Appendix B of the NTS Methods and Practices Guidelines (NTS MPG), that is attached to the ARRL Public Service Communications Manual (PSCM).  Chapter 1 of Appendix B is "The ARRL Message Format" and Chapter 2 of Appendix B is "Sending Messages on Voice."  These chapters are part of the working reference manual on Traffic Net and Message Handling Procedures in the National Traffic System (NTS).
-- From Scott Hanley WA9STI

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The ARRL Message Format (pdf)

Sending Messages on Voice (pdf)